CrasyHorse leather. Everyone who has something to do with leather knows that CrazyHorse is the sort of highest quality. World known brands of wallets, reticule and other accessories use CrazyHorse leather in their production. Still, except its attractive look and long wear life it also has astonishing breathability – up to 8,6 times higher than […]

Breathable waterproof microfiber durable rubberized materia Abrasion resistance on the overcap Cordura® lining material is a poly-amid-fiber with special thread structure. During production of Cordura® cut poly-amide fibers are double spun by each other and then woven. This gives the fabric four times higher tearing strength than by a simple nylon. Moreover, Cordura® is water […]

• Completely metal-free • Waterproof breathable leather upper • Breathable Mesh lining • Removable antistatic anatomically-shaped insole • fiberCap for less weight with perfect protection • Antistatic, oil-resistant, slip-proof PU-PU sole from BASF® • staBene last for more comfort • shoe heigh: 80 ±5 mm

Breathable waterproof microfiber durable rubberized materia. Abrasion resistance on the overcap Lining of wearproof breathable synthetic Mesh material Removable antistatic anatomically-shaped insole Your safety combined with comfort is our main goal. The maxFlex midsole is a perfect example of such combination – ensuring full safety due to kevlar material it is extremly flexible and breathable. […]

Upper materials Upper material is made according to the Eco Friendly environmental standard. The fabric is based on a very strong nylon thread in combination with a thread made of recycled PET. It penetrates the material evenly and has no additional coating that can deteriorate during operation. It is a very strong and at the […]