Energy Shoes

People working with electricity are subject to some risks which can have lethal outcomes. See yourself, if you are an electrician, you have to deal with electricity outdoors in any weather condition – whether it is sunny, rainy, or even snowy outdoors. Wearing safety shoes like energy light shoes becomes necessary in such cases, whether you like it or not. An ordinary pair of leather safety shoes won’t deliver the necessary level of protection since the rubber soles are too thin to provide insulation from electrical shock. Besides, such shoes can collect dirt, moisture, and even body sweat on them which will compromise the insulating properties of the footwear. To get adequate protection when working with high voltage, you need anti slip shoes. We shall reveal how you must choose the best waterproof sneakers for work as an electrician. Just stay tuned!

Who Needs Energy Waterproof Safety Shoes?

Anti slip safety shoes are a must-have if you are an electrician or work in machinery maintenance. Sneakers work shoes feature reliable electrical resistance in case there’s a risk of a hazard. Those who work in the automotive sector have to be careful when walking since the floor is slippery from the split oil most of the time. Besides, sharp metal objects such as screw-nuts or small tools might constantly appear under their feet. Anti slip work shoes ensure high protection from all scenarios from slippery floors to heavy objects falling onto your feet. What are all the risks the workers of this sector might come across?

Let’s sum them up:

Choosing the Appropriate Pair of Safety Sneakers for Work

The best antislip work shoes must be not only reliable in terms of protection, but also comfortable since you are going to wear them throughout the whole day. Sneakers work shoes displayed on this website ensure you won’t feel tired by the end of the day. These anti slip shoes Dubai have a special lightweight construction that reduces the pressure of your body onto your ankles and heels. You are going to feel less tension on your neck and back as well.
By choosing this online shop anti slip shoes, you get on the right way of obtaining a perfect pair of anti slip sneakers for work. Every model displayed features reliable slip resistance, protective toecap (nonmetallic), water-resistant upper, and sole with electrical isolation. Choose from a wide array of models and colors.

Model: 169 Talan
Art: SD/MC0169(g)
Model: 169
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Model: 170 Black Talan
Art: KPU(g)/2C0170(g)(black)
Model: 170 Black
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Model: 170 Blue Talan
Art: KPU(blue)/2C0170(blue)
Model: 170 Blue
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Model: 170 Red Talan
Art: KPU(red)/2C0170(red)
Model: 170 Red
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Model: 170 Yellow Talan
Art: KPU(yel)/2C0170(yel)
Model: 170 Yellow
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
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