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Heel shock absorbing shoes

Every stride we make produces considerable kinetic energy. When we walk without shoes or in minimally supported footwear, our feet and body bear the brunt of this impact. This pressure can amount to 3 to 8 times our body weight! This is where heel shock-absorbing footwear proves invaluable. We recommend delving deeper into these innovative products!

What Does Heel Shock Absorbing Shoes Mean?

Shock absorption is an essential element in athletic and work shoes. It plays a pivotal role in injury prevention and helps the shoe retain its structure during running, walking, or prolonged standing. This feature provides additional support, significantly alleviating leg and joint fatigue. Shoes with shock-absorbing capabilities are crafted for optimal comfort to minimize the physical impact exerted on your body during walking or running.
Critical characteristics of adequate shock-absorbing shoes:

  • Use of natural materials to allow feet to breathe.
  • A soft, flexible sole that bends easily while keeping the shoe’s shape intact.
  • Effective heel cushioning for added comfort.
  • A robust heel design that firmly supports the heel area.
  • Lightweight construction to avoid unnecessary strain on the legs.

What’s the Significance of Having Work Shoes Equipped with Shock Absorption?

Shock-absorbing work shoes play a vital role in reducing foot impact during walking. As you walk, your foot transitions from heel to toe, bearing the total weight of your body. Shoes designed for heel shock absorption alleviate the stress on your knees, ligaments, and tendons during the initial heel strike and aid in returning energy to your foot as you push off with your forefoot. This leads to a more comfortable and supportive stride, particularly crucial for individuals who spend extended periods on their feet.

Who Are the Heel Shock-Absorbing Shoes Suitable for?

Heel shock-absorbing shoes are vital for various professions, especially those involving prolonged standing:

  • Construction and industrial workers.
  • Service industry employees.
  • Healthcare professionals.
  • Food industry employees.

These shoes prioritize comfort, reduce stress on feet and legs, boost productivity, and enhance well-being. Adopting them highlights a company’s commitment to workplace safety and a positive work environment.

Talan Brand’s Approach to Crafting Heel Shock-Absorbing Shoes

Thanks to its innovative multi-layered technology, Talan stands out in the market for its advanced shock-absorbing walking shoes.

  • Innovative insole design: Features a detachable insole with a silicone insert specifically in the heel area for enhanced shock absorption.
  • MaxFlex midsole technology: This midsole perfectly balances safety and comfort. Made from Kevlar, it’s highly flexible and breathable and ensures complete safety.
  • Specialized outsole construction: The outsole is engineered for shock absorption. The forepart of the outsole is segmented into flex zones, making movement easier. Meanwhile, the heel section is designed to optimize surface contact, ensuring better stability whether you’re standing still or in motion.

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Styler 111 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C111 S3
Standard: EN 345:2011 S3
Standart + 162 Black S1P
Art: SE/2M162 S1P
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Standart+ 112 Black S1P
Art: SE/2M112 S1P
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Styler 111 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C0111(g)/3
Standard: EN 345:2011 S3
Moon 112 White
Art: M(wh)/2C0112/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Moon 162 White
Art: M(wh)/2C0162/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Planet 217 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C217(g)/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Planet 217 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C217(g)/3
Standard: 20345:2011 S3 SRC
Planet 265 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C265(g)/3
Standard: 20345:2011 S3 SRC
Planet 265 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C265(g)/3
Standard: 20345:2011 S3 SRC
Walker 170 Grey
Art: KPU(g)/2C0170(g)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Blue
Art: KPU(blue)/2C0170(blue)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Red
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Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Yellow
Art: KPU(yel)/2C0170(yel)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
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Art: SD/AC0315(yell) S1P
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Outdoor 318 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC0318(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Outdoor 318 Brown
Art: CH(br)/AC0318(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
AirLight 367 Yellow S1P
Art: SD/AC0367(yell) S1P
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Outdoor 368 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC0368(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Outdoor 368 Brown
Art: CH(br)/AC0368(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Standart+ 182 S1P
Art: SE/2M182 S1P
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Standart+ 112 Black S3
Art: SE/2M112 S3
Standart+ 162 Black S3
Art: SE/2M162 S3
Standart+ 182 S3
Art: SE/2M182 S3
AirLight 315 Blue S3
Art: SD/AC0315(blue) S3
AirLight 367 Blue S3
Art: SD/AC0367(blue) S3
Tornado 133 Black
Art: SE/2C133(g)/3
Tornado 171 Black
Art: SE/2C171(g)/3
Styler 163 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C0163(g)/3
Styler 163 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C0163 S3
Elegance 331 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC331(b)/3
Elegance 360 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC360(b)/3
Moon Orion White
Art: BA(white)6224c
Prime 575 Black
Art: BD-SP/2M0575(g)/3
Prime 545 Black
Art: BD-SP/2M0545(g)/3
AirFlex Pro 7434 Blue
Art: T(blue)b7434(we)c2/3-21 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Green
Art: T(green)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Red
Art: T(red)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Blue
Art: T(blue)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex Breath 825 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0825(yel)-2
AirFlex Breath 826 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0826(yel)/3-2
AirFlex boots 7401 Blue
Art: Т(blue)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex boots 7401 Green
Art: Т(green)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
Antistatic 2295 Gray
Art: M(bl)/2C2295(gray)/3
Light 2277 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C2277-1
AirFlex Breath 800 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0800(yel)/3-2
Styler 284 Brown
Jacquard 777 Blue
Art: T(blue)/2C777(blue)