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Work boots

Performing professional duties is often accompanied by injuries and damages to the foot. Work boots from the Talan factory are the type of shoes that provide comfort and safety during work involving risks. Customers all over the world are pleased with a wide range of models and affordable price of products that meet international quality standards.

Who needs work boots

The scope of application of work shoes is wide and varied. Properly selected safety footwear provides protection against workplace injuries and possible damage. You can find many other types of safety shoes in Dubai in our catalog. Lightweight, practical, comfortable boots can be used as an important part of the equipment of a number of specialists:

  • masters of construction specialties of various directions;
    housing and utility workers;
  • people employed in industrial production (in the extractive
    industry, chemical plants, metallurgy, energy, etc.);
  • for transportation and traffic workers;
  • medical/rescue stuff.

Footwear is characterized by comfort and practicality, which fully meets the goals and purpose of the products. It retains its original properties and qualities for a long time without losing them, even under active use in aggressive conditions.

Choosing special footwear for work

Talan in UAE offers to its clients a wide range of models of quality work boots. There is a choice for men and women who need to use special footwear. Products are produced in a universal size grid, which allows you to easily find the right size for a foot of any fullness. The list of current offers includes:

  • lightweight boots for working in hot climates or warm/heated environments;
  • versatile demi-seasonal models with non-slip soles, resistant to dirt and moisture;
  • insulated boots: shoes keep you warm and provide comfort when working in unfavorable temperature conditions;
  • protective special footwear: boots for work at hazardous facilities that protect the feet and legs from the effects of electricity and high temperatures.

The buyer can choose the product according to the current needs, focusing on the important criteria of comfort and safety. You can order shoes from the factory “Talan” online.

Advantages of Talan work boots

Talan work boots in UAE are an example of quality and comfort. Their production is carried out on modern equipment with the use of wear-resistant and practical materials. The obvious advantages that distinguish the special footwear of the domestic manufacturer include:

  • high standard of protection: the shoes protect your feet from punctures, cuts and chemicals;
  • practicality: shoes are easy to care for, can withstand a high level of operational stress, while perfectly allowing air to pass through and remove moisture, allowing the foot to “breathe”;
  • durability: wear-resistant materials are resistant to tearing, compression and other damage, withstanding impact forces of up to 200 Joules;
  • moisture resistance: the material does not get wet;
    lightness: the low weight of shoes eliminates additional load, does not provoke foot fatigue even with prolonged wear;
  • no discomfort: comfortable fit, reinforced toe and reinforced back prevent chafing and other discomfort during active use;
    stylish design models, which the buyer can choose according to tastes and preferences.

Another distinctive feature of Talan products is their affordable and fair price. At the same time, its operational and aesthetic qualities will not be inferior to foreign analogs. Buy shoes the buyer can buy without overpaying for the brand. High-quality and comfortable shoes will flawlessly cope with the task set before them.
You are also welcome to check our other models of safety shoes.

Styler 111 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C111 S3
Standard: EN 345:2011 S3
Standart+ 112 Black S1P
Art: SE/2M112 S1P
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Styler 111 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C0111(g)/3
Standard: EN 345:2011 S3
Moon 112 White
Art: M(wh)/2C0112/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Planet 217 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C217(g)/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Planet 217 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C217(g)/3
Standard: 20345:2011 S3 SRC
AirLight 315 Yellow S1P
Art: SD/AC0315(yell) S1P
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Outdoor 318 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC0318(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Outdoor 318 Brown
Art: CH(br)/AC0318(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Standart+ 112 Black S3
Art: SE/2M112 S3
AirLight 315 Blue S3
Art: SD/AC0315(blue) S3
Tornado 133 Black
Art: SE/2C133(g)/3
Elegance 331 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC331(b)/3
Prime 545 Black
Art: BD-SP/2M0545(g)/3
AirFlex boots 7401 Blue
Art: Т(blue)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex boots 7401 Green
Art: Т(green)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex Breath 800 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0800(yel)/3-2