AirFlex Breath 825 Yellow

AirFlex Breath 825 Yellow


• Completely metal-free
• Upper: breathable waterproof microfiber durable rubberized material, reflective inserts
• Tongue: collar and dust tongue of Cordura® textile, microfiber
• Lining: breathable Mesh
• Insole: light and flexible maxFlex kevlar midsole
• Insock: removable antistatic anatomically-shaped insole
fiberCap for less weight with perfect protection 200J
PU-TPU outsole, Slip Resistance, antistatic.
The new modern Grip control: flex-zones to facilitate movement
small triangles for controls the foot position on a slippery or uneven surface
• protection S1P

Size available: 35 - 48
Shoes don’t have metal elements.
The maxFlex midsole is a perfect combined safety with comfort. Full safety due to kevlar material it is extremly flexible and breathable.
The front part of the outsole is divided into flex-zones to facilitate movement.
One of the main advantages of this shoe is its lightness.
Safety shoes has ESD properties.
Small triangles of equilateral shape controls the foot position on a slippery or uneven surface.
Slip-resistant oil-resistant outsole.
Oil-resistant outsole.

Breathable microfiber durable rubberized materia
Abrasion resistance on the overcap

Cordura® lining material is a poly-amid-fiber with special thread structure. During production of Cordura® cut poly-amide fibers are double spun by each other and then woven. This gives the fabric four times higher tearing strength than by a simple nylon. Moreover, Cordura® is water repellent, highly breathable and light.

Lining of wearproof breathable synthetic Mesh material

Removable antistatic anatomically-shaped insole

Your safety combined with comfort is our main goal. The maxFlex midsole is a perfect example of such combination – ensuring full safety due to kevlar material it is extremly flexible and breathable. Check it yourself!

The main advantage of new generation of toe caps made from composite material is definitely light weight. Furthermore, the fiberCap is stainless and thermo neutral, so end user’s feet feels comfortable both during low& high temperatures. Protects toes from impact by 200 Joules. Made in Italy.
*200 J – this energy reserve has a weight of 20.52 kg, falling from a height of 1 meter.

BASF® Sole
All our shoes have two layers of sole – the inner PU one and the outsole. During production of shoe we use polyurethane of famous German chemicals manufacturer BASF®. For that reason the inner layer is durable but soft enough to ensure aprropriate weight distribution during work. In such a way your feet in TALAN shoes will not only fell much less exhausted during workload, but also your joints will be healthier.

TPU outsole
An upgraded version of regular PU-PU sole offers better slip-proofness as well as significantly higher tear resistance (up to 40% higher than required by european standards) – and in that way much longer lifetime.
The new modern Grip control outsole provides the optimal combination of safety and comfort even during active use of shoes. The intermediate layer of polyurethane has antistatic additives, and the shock-absorbing properties dampen energy at intensive loadings. The running layer is a special composition of TPU, which also has antistatic properties. Thanks to modern technologies we have reached the optimal weight of the outsole, which directly affects the weight of all shoes. No less unique is the new development of the outsole. 85% of the tread is made of small triangles of equilateral shape, the edges of which are directed in different directions. This controls the foot position on a slippery or uneven surface. Each edge of such a triangle confidently restrains sliding in any direction. The front part of the outsole is divided into flex-zones to facilitate movement. The heel part has an optimal contact area with the surface, which provides better balance in a static position or in motion.

Reflective inserts
The reflective part is sewn into the side of the berets for safety in poorly lit areas. This is especially true when working in large warehouses, where there are many “blind” areas, so that a car driver car has time to respond to the presence of another warehouse worker; at inspection stations, gas stations, etc.

Comfort wearing is one of most important factors for a safety shoes. Knowing that we used the last from Italian manufacturer well known in shoes industry – and we are sure your feet will feel it!