Our roots date back to 1923 when the small workshop become an influential group of leading enterprises incorporating two footwear factories. During more than 80 years we have always been developing. Today we can undoubtedly say that we reached the leadership in guaranteeing the security and safety of labour. TALAN is a group of the leading light industry enterprises, which produce more than 3.5 million pairs of safety footwear per year in oil and gas, chemical industries, black and colored metallurgy, car building and metal cultivating enterprises, transportation and energetic, construction and agriculture ministries. Upholding the aspiration of our community to the European Standards of life and labor conditions the specialists of the group, after obtaining a world experience have used modern technology of directly molded nitrite rubber, and polyurethane sole shoes and made new models of footwear that do not have analogues in Ukraine.

Our History of development

Our company have purchased new equipment, more than $4,7 million invested in acquiring equipment from leading companies of Italy, Germany. In 2002, a serial production of the directly moulded method was started, which gave a unique possibility for local enterprises to use modern, comfortable and safe footwear with PU-PU and PU-TPU sole for secure of their workers.

Our production is certified and matches the national and European Standards.