Moon Orion White

Moon Orion White



• Completely metal-free
• Waterproof breathable microfiber upper
• Breathable Mesh lining
• Removable antistatic anatomically-shaped insole
fiberCap for less weight with perfect protection
• Antistatic, oil-resistant, slip-proof PU-PU sole from BASF®
• staBene last for more comfort
• shoe heigh: 80 ±5 mm

Size available: 36 - 48
One of the main advantages of this shoe is its lightness.
The outsole has shock-absorbing properties.
Protective Toe cap protects toes from impact by 200 Joules.
Slip-resistant oil-resistant outsole.
Upper materials has waterproof properties in accordance with S3 standards. The steam is excreted at the molecular level outside.
Oil-resistant outsole.

breathable waterproof microfiber durable rubberized materia.

Lining of wearproof breathable synthetic Mesh material.

Removable antistatic anatomically-shaped insole.

The main advantage of new generation of toe caps made from composite material is definitely light weight. Furthermore, the fiberCap is stainless and thermo neutral, so end user’s feet feels comfortable both during low& high temperatures. Protects toes from impact by 200 Joules. Made in Italy.
*200 J – this energy reserve has a weight of 20.52 kg, falling from a height of 1 meter.

BASF® Sole
All our shoes have two layers of sole – the inner PU one and the outsole. During production of shoe we use polyurethane of famous German chemicals manufacturer BASF®. For that reason the inner layer is durable but soft enough to ensure aprropriate weight distribution during work. In such a way your feet in TALAN shoes will not only fell much less exhausted during workload, but also your joints will be healthier.

Oil-resistant, slip-proof PU outsole
Our PU outsoles from BASF materials are light and flexible, yet with high durability, perform well in aggressive work conditions, such as chemical or oil environment, and have remarkable slip resistance – up to 2.3 times higher than required by europian standards.

Other advantages of safety shoes TALAN

Comfort wearing is one of most important factors for a safety shoes. Knowing that we used the last from Italian manufacturer well known in shoes industry – and we are sure your feet will feel it!