Performance Shoes

You can change a pair of shoes as often as you’d like, however, your feet are irreplaceable. Therefore, safety shoes are an essential component of the everyday life of every hard-working man and woman during their duties at factories, construction sites, oil fields, and other places where there is hard physical labor.
Talan protective footwear is designed and crafted considering almost 100 years of excellence and experience saving millions of people’s feet from injuries that otherwise would be unavoidable.

DID YOU KNOW? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 53 000-foot injuries per year.

Some kinds of dangers you can protect yourself from simply by wearing Talan performance shoes:

  1. Falling and flying objects
    At construction sites or different environments when working with power tools or carrying a heavy load, you are at risk of being exposed to a variety of different injuries. With Talan safety shoes those types of injuries can be easily avoided;
  2. Punctures
    Be it a field, workshop room, or factory, sharp, dangerous, and sometimes scattered objects may be present everywhere during the working process. Protective footwear is vital for preventing those kinds of injuries;
  3. Electrical hazards
    In different places where there exists a risk of static build-up on the body or electric shock, anti-static or non-conductive footwear consisting of leather, rubber, or other non-conducting materials should be worn to lower the chance of electricity-related damage;
  4. Cutting hazards
    Cutting dangers can be posed by sharp equipment or the one that contains moving parts. Chainsaws, for example, pose a threat to workers in the logging business. If a chainsaw comes into contact with someone’s foot, the consequences could be disastrous. Chainsaw operators will be protected by shoes made of a cut-resistant material;
  5. Chemical hazards
    Splashes and spills from liquid chemicals in an industrial setting can be particularly dangerous to a worker’s lower limbs and feet, thus protective footwear is a vital part of equipment in order to exclude chemical exposure;
  6. Burns
    Skin protection against burns is an essential need when it comes to working with hot materials or heating equipment. Without it, a person is at risk of severe irreparable feet damage;
  7. Weather
    Outdoor work in severe weather conditions like extreme heat, rain, snow, or cold temperatures requires appropriate protection to ensure comfort and productivity;
  8. Slips and falls
    During a hard day at work, you must be sure you stand firmly on your feet. The examples of the possibilities to slip or fall in any workplace are countless. In this case, your safety shoes will not only save your legs but your entire body from being injured;
  9. Fatigue
    In order to stay safe and productive, you first and foremost must feel comfortable. Protective footwear has to ensure a restful feet position during your working hours so that your legs are comfy and your body is strong.

Why you should buy Talan performance shoes?

With Talan safety shoes those types of injuries can be easily avoided. In order to provide the most comfortable and safe experience, Talan Performance shoes are made of specific high-quality materials.
Among the shoe components, there are:

In order to achieve it, Talan uses unique high-tech materials exclusively from leading international manufacturers. Therefore, we use only first-class natural leather that is resistant to repeated bending of at least 600 thousand cycles, which is a unique requirement of Talan to its suppliers.
The technologies we use to protect you:

DID YOU KNOW? Toe cups and lasts were designed by Italian shoemakers, considering anatomical features of the foot at the different phases of walking and providing its ergonomic position.

Talan Performance shoes are designed for those who have an active and dynamic workplace. Manufacturer takes care about increased breathability of safety footwear, protection against various dangers, different temperatures, oil and fuel, provides softness and comfort, reduces slip and fall risks.

IMPORTANT! Choose only certified manufacturers when buying safety shoes for getting a warranty of your protection. Talan Performance shoes meet and even exceed European quality and protection standards.

Benefits of buying Talan Performance footwear:

  1. High-quality materials;
  2. Professional ergonomic design by Italian shoemakers;
  3. Lightweight shoes to protect your feet from all work-related injuries;
  4. Wide range of models – you can choose your own pair according to the specifics of your work and on your taste;
  5. Craftsmanship excellence proven by almost a hundred years of experience and innovation;
  6. Warranty of quality – we have EC type-examination certificates;
  7. Affordable prices;
  8. Fast shipping.

Since 1923 we are working for your safety and comfort. Our quality is proven by European certifications and millions of satisfied clients. TALAN – the key to safety.
Talan Performance shoes are available for purchase in the UAE, Dubai as well as wholesale offers

Model: 312 Talan
Art: SE/AM0312(g)/3
Model: 312
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Model: 315 Talan
Art: SD/AC0315(yel)
Model: 315
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Model: 318 Talan
Art: GH(bl)AC0318(g)/3
Model: 318
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Model: 318 Brown Talan
Art: СН(br)/AC0318(g)/3
Model: 318 Brown
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Model: 367 Talan
Art: SD/AC0367(yel)
Model: 367
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Model: 368 Talan
Art: GH(bl)AC0368(g)/3
Model: 368
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Model: 368 Brown Talan
Art: CH(br)/AC0368(g)/3
Model: 368 Brown
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
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