HRO HI Shoes

HRO shoes has a wide range of applications and if you’re looking for a range of safety shoes that can handle the heat, TALAN is the answer.

TALAN presents NEW technology with direct rubber injection and manufacturing PU-Rubber sole which made with out glue.

Thats why you can trust your work for TALAN shoes.

Model: 413 Black Talan
Model: 413 Black
Art: A413c2
Standard: EN 345 S3
Model: 6380 Black Talan
Model: 6380 Black
Art: КС6380с2/3-21
Standard: EN 345 S3
Model: 414 Black Talan
Model: 414 Black
Art: A414c2
Standard: EN 345 S3
Model: 6315 Black Talan
Model: 6315 Black
Art: КА6315(red)с2/3-21
Standard: EN 345 S3
Model: 484 Black Talan
Model: 484 Black
Art: A484c2
Standard: EN 345 S3
Made In UA