Army shoes

The high quality footwear is an integral part in the equipment of the military men, the people keen on tourism and all those who appreciate the genuine hunt. The army boots are used in these spheres, they are made of the innovative materials, capable of enduring intensive pressure, heat and cold, rain and mud in the extreme conditions. To purchase this product means to provide yourself with due comfort in order to fulfill the military mission successfully or to conquer the new mountain tops. You can buy the army shoes in dubai today at the most attractive price!

Standards and requirements for army shoes

Each military shoe manufacturer has to provide the documents stating that the manufactured products correspond to the European standards for the safety shoes:

Besides, the combat boots have to meet the following criteria:

You can buy army shoes in Dubai, which comply with the above stated criteria. You only need to address the internet shop Talansafetyshoes.

Sand, mud, snow, wet metal can it be universal?

Yes, of course! The up-to-date tactical boots and trainers are designed for uneven terrain, mountains, deserts and forests crossing. Such products have several advantages:

  1.     the upper layer is made of the water proof materials;
  2.     there is a special membrane acting as a breathing intermediate layer;
  3.     the sole is distinguished by the exceptional durability and is slip-resistant;
  4.     there are titanium panels in the toe part for the best protection;
  5.     ergonomic, anatomically correct shape prevents fatigue;
  6.     there are unique inner soles for the easy and soft footsteps;
  7.     natural materials inside prevent corns and sweating.

The universal army shoes uae is presented in the wide assortment range in our online-shop where you can choose the needed size and the exclusive design to your liking.

Special Tasks — Specific Technologies

Enter the «army shoes online shopping» in the search box of your browser and you will see that the leading manufacturers including Talan offer tactical products for different seasons. For example in winter in order to avoid hypothermia you can choose a model from the cold-proof materials. There are also other variants in the catalogue – the so-called desert boots for using in the conditions of the hot desert.

Can army shoes have warranties?

Yes, of course! If you decide to become the client of Talansafetyshoes company, you get the army shoes price from the manufacturer. With that, the official warranty for 6-month period is provided.

Model: 315 Talan
Art: SD/AC0315(yel)
Model: 315
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Made In UA