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Water Resistant Shoes

Until recently, water-resistant shoes were made entirely of rubber. Today’s chemistry has produced materials with better performance capabilities. Modern eco-friendly water-resistant work shoes materials retain their basic properties in a wide operating temperature. The water-resistant shoes presented in the catalog are characterized by the following properties:

  • high strength;
  • durability;
  • absolute water tightness;
  • resistance to high temperatures.

Special shoes protect feet from various types of pollution, mechanical impact and other harmful factors of production. So, if you have to work in shoes at high humidity, it is imperative that the products are water-resistant.

Waterproof vs Water-Resistant Shoes

For some people, the widespread terms “waterproof” and “water-resistant” can be confusing if you’re looking for shoes that won’t let water through. Water-resistant shoes for work block several levels of water penetration. However, they are not impervious to water penetration. What matters here is that the water-resistant shoe target is to provide higher protection from water than ordinary shoes.

As for waterproof shoes, they are designed from materials that completely block liquid from the outside of the shoe. Simply put, water cannot penetrate waterproof boots. So, as you can see, these differences are essential. The thing is that they completely change how your shoes react to water.

How to Take Care of Water-Resistant Service Shoes

The shape of water-resistant shoes for women may be different: shortened or elongated boots and sneakers. The selection of a specific type of products and models depends on the characteristics of the conditions in which the water resistant-work shoes will be used.

Proper care of water-resistant shoes will allow you to maintain their protective properties throughout the entire period of wear. To ensure a long service life of footwear, it is recommended to adhere to the following elementary rules:

  1. To simplify putting on shoes and to avoid deformation of the model, you need to completely unlace it, unfasten the zippers and fasteners, and use a shoehorn to avoid a crease in the heel.
  2. Do not clean shoes with organic solvents or get rid of dirt by mechanical action, scraping it with various objects, as this leads to damage and cracks in the upper layer, through which dirt, chemicals, or moisture can then penetrate.
  3. It is better to store shoes in a dry, ventilated place.

What Are the Best Water-Resistant Walking Shoes

If you wear men’s water-resistant shoes, they will definitely protect your feet from the impact of falling water. Water-resistant shoes are considered to be more breathable, so you can take this into account when choosing footwear in our online store. Here, you will find the best shoes that retain their plastic qualities and optimal comfort. They look stylish like you’re wearing shoeboxes with laces.

What Is the Difference between Water-Resistant and Waterproof Shoes

To begin with, waterproof refers to a material that is largely designed to prevent the absorption of water. The most vivid examples of waterproof footwear would be boots designed for industrial work where you will be exposed to underwater water.

Water-resistant shoes for work achieve their moisture resistance in two ways:

  • Tight weave: the tighter the weave, the harder the water has to work to get into the shoe;
  • Coating applied to the top: more often, fabrics are coated with vinyl, which makes them more waterproof.

At the same time, water-resistant fabrics are more breathable since they allow the free flow of air through their weaves. Water-resistant shoes’ target is to prevent small amounts of water from reaching the skin, making it partially resistant. As a rule, they are made from a tough fabric.

Where Can I Buy Water-Resistant Shoes

The experts of our online store, who have the necessary knowledge in this area, will help you choose the best water-resistant work shoes for women in each case. You can place an order for water-resistant work shoes by contacting a specialist of our company by phone or other contacts listed on the official browser site of our online shop.

What Do Water-Resistant Shoes Mean

Water-resistant shoes with breathable materials constitute a great investment for people who work for great missions. Such models are in demand in manufacturing, construction, agriculture and the fishing industry. Moisture-resistant work shoes are absolutely tight, they ensure the safety and comfort of workers. Moreover, water-resistant technology is to protect shoes from getting wet. Water enters the shoe primarily through the upper parts. To prevent this from happening, the outer materials of the shoes are impregnated with special water-repellent agents.

The protective properties are fully preserved in conditions of intensive moistening of the footwear. At the same time, the ability to moisture transfer is not destroyed, and nothing prevents the removal of sweat.

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