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Safety boots

Choose the right safety boots

The job of work shoes is to protect employees from the peculiarities of the work environment. First and foremost, they must ensure safety. It’s important that the boots are comfortable to wear. Such models are made by the TALAN factory, which is located in Ukraine. It has the capacity to produce about 4 million pairs of safety shoes, thanks to the best equipment and raw materials.
Features of production
Talan offers you a wide range of models of professional safety footwear. These are manufactured in accordance with the standards of protection required in the workplace. For the production of durable models, Talan uses:

  • High-quality materials provided by the famous suppliers CORDURA, VIBRAM, BASF, MICHELIN, and others.
  • Special details to protect the foot in the form of the composite toe, shock-absorbing insole, and non-slip sole. Antistatic footwear is available in AirFlex, Antistatic, Walker, and AirLight series.
  • Products are certified for compliance with European standards at TUV Rheinland (Germany), Ricotest, and CIMAC Laboratories (Italy).
  • Testing of finished products in our own laboratory. More than 20 machines test shoes for material strength, abrasion, and puncture resistance.

Customers who choose Talan brand products receive quality and reliable safety footwear that meets all relevant regulations and standards.

How to choose men’s safety boots

Men’s safety boots are specially designed to protect the feet against accidents or bumps that may occur in certain professions. They can even save the life of their wearer in a large number of situations.
The choice of boots should be made according to the profession:

  • Those who work in places that are often wet should choose a non-slip model. For example, gardeners, and waiters.
  • For a lumberjack who works with a chainsaw, boots with a natural leather upper with a thickness of 2.0-2.2 mm are designed. A steel plate integrated into the toe cap of most work boots protects against impact if heavy objects fall on their feet.
  • Industrial and construction boots should protect the employee’s feet against chemicals and impacts. An anti-piercing insole prevents possible mechanical punctures and injuries. Outer materials with special impregnation will save your feet from the effects of any chemical compounds that are near the workplace.
  • Footwear for firemen, men in the army, or police must take into account the risks they might encounter during their work. With boots that provide extra protection against getting wet, you can work in even the harshest of weather conditions without having to worry about your health.

You will find in Talan a versatile men’s shoe in terms of flexibility and comfort. The work boots for men are highly functional and help protect the worker’s feet against various mechanical, thermal, chemical, and other influences. A rigid fixed heel cuff will keep the shoe securely in place during the day, preventing chafing. It provides the foot with an anatomical position that reduces the load of body weight.

Comfortable women’s safety boots

Classic safety shoes are in some cases unsuitable for women’s feet. This is due to the fact that most models are created with wide soles designed to match the morphology of the male foot. With the help of the latest shoe-making technology and new materials, the developers at Talan have managed to create ladies’ protective footwear. You will find it on the manufacturer’s website:

  • Footbeds that make the inside of the shoe optimised for movement;
  • A stylish look, not only with a black top but also with embellishments in the form of colored inserts.

The manufacturer has an eye for fashion trends. Safety boots are constantly being improved and redesigned. Seasonal temperature fluctuations are taken into account in summer lightweight and insulated winter models.

Why steel toe safety boots?

A steel toe plate built into the base of most work boots protects against shock from heavy objects falling on your feet. Metal or composite footplate can withstand compression up to 15 kN and impact force up to 200 J. Due to the small thickness of the steel insert, it takes up less space inside the structure. The new generation Toe Cover is a durable material that ensures the safety of the feet in accident-prone situations.
Regardless of the seasonality of the steel toe boot, all the materials from which it is made are breathable. Their water-repellent and breathable properties allow excess moisture to escape during the day.

How to buy safety boots in Dubai

Talan products are supplied to 62 countries around the world. Sales offices are open in Europe, America, and Asia. So you can find the model you need in Dubai.
Order work shoes online at the manufacturer’s shop with delivery. From the wide range of safety footwear on the website, you are sure to find a comfortable and durable model s3 and other categories that fit your price range. They provide you or your company’s employees with a presentable appearance and comfort throughout the working day.

Styler 111 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C111 S3
Standard: EN 345:2011 S3
Standart+ 112 Black S1P
Art: SE/2M112 S1P
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Styler 111 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C0111(g)/3
Standard: EN 345:2011 S3
Moon 112 White
Art: M(wh)/2C0112/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Planet 217 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C217(g)/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Planet 217 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C217(g)/3
Standard: 20345:2011 S3 SRC
AirLight 315 Yellow S1P
Art: SD/AC0315(yell) S1P
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Outdoor 318 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC0318(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Outdoor 318 Brown
Art: CH(br)/AC0318(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Standart+ 112 Black S3
Art: SE/2M112 S3
AirLight 315 Blue S3
Art: SD/AC0315(blue) S3
Prime 545 Black
Art: BD-SP/2M0545(g)/3
AirFlex boots 7401 Blue
Art: Т(blue)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex boots 7401 Green
Art: Т(green)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex Breath 800 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0800(yel)/3-2