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S1, S1p, S2, S3 shoes

The feet are considered to be the foundation of the human body. They are incredibly vulnerable and irreplaceable in everything we do. Accordingly, foot protection is essential for every profession. At the same time, for some people, it is important to protect the feet from punctures and antistatics, while others need safety shoes s3 that can easily enter gasoline puddles. For this, so-called protection classes were created. With the right s3 work shoes, you can feel comfortably.

TalanSafetyShoes offers a large assortment of s3 safety footwear. The range also includes universal s3 boot models that are suitable for everyday wear. They’re also perfect for people who love an active lifestyle.

What Are S1 and S1 p Shoes?

To start with, work shoes s1 are mainly characterized by the following aspects:

  • antistatic sole;
  • reinforced composite/steel toe cap;
  • a quality closed heel.

What matters here is that with an energy-absorbing heel, you are sure to work safely in any job. As for safety shoes with s1 p src, they also have a puncture-resistant insole.

For instance, if you work in a room where there is no risk of splashing, you need finger protection and good breathability. Then you should buy S1 safety shoes in our trustworthy online store. However, if you work in a room where there is no risk of water splashing, then you need toe protection, perforation protection, and good breathing. Feel free to purchase quality S1P sievi boa boots.

What Are S2 Shoes?

Shoes with S2 certification have the same performance as S1 certification. They are water resistant as well. The S2P-certified safety shoes also feature a puncture-resistant insole. Safety shoes, for which the waterproofness of the upper is the main property, should not have non-functional and decorative seams, as well as perforations. S2shoes have a waterproof upper, 200J toe cap, MBS and KShS sole, anti-static sole, energy-absorbing heel, and closed heel counter.

What Are S3 Shoes?

S3 safety boots have the same features as S2-certified, plus a profiled outsole. This gives you a stable and safe footing when working on any task. The thing is that S3 src safety boots always have a puncture-resistant insole. S3 safety shoes must have an anti-slip protector on the sole. Simply put, such safety shoes s3 do not get wet. So, you cannot be afraid of punctures and bumps in it.

Ultimate Protection of Your Feet

During difficult work in a factory and other industrial organizations, it is quite easy to injure your feet by dropping any heavy object on them. The standard also takes into account such events, so s3 work shoes manufactured by European requirements must withstand an impact of about 200 J. The sock offered by our online store of safety shoes s3 is supplied with a special protective toe cap capable of withstanding a weight of one thousand kilograms.

Check out the benefits of ordering s3 src safety trainers on our official website:

  • affordable price for s3 src safety shoes;
  • quality s3 safety shoes manufacturers without any defects;
  • possibility to buy s3 shoes at retail or wholesale;
  • large selection of safety shoes s3 src for any season;
  • careful attitude towards customers;
  • s3 work shoes prompt delivery.

Any s3 footwear model from the catalog can be ordered online. If you have any questions about the s3 safety shoes manufacturer, contact the consultants at In fact, the division into groups is very conditional. After all, usually, s3 shoes provide comprehensive protection and do not resist only one dangerous factor. As a rule, each s1 boot pair combines different protective properties of s3 safety trainers and their designations.

These Shoes and Boots Feature High Safety Standards

The safety shoes s1 s2 s3 you wear on your feet really matter, especially if you work in an industrial environment. Employers are legally responsible for your life, so providing good safety shoes is key to any job. It is not easy to choose s3 work boots since each production area has its own most suitable protection classes.

Our safety shoes s3 standard store has been operating for several years, and customers leave grateful reviews after the purchased inexpensive safety footwear actually demonstrated the announced high quality of products. Soles, locks, and laces are thought out to the smallest detail. The design of s1 shoes meets high safety standards and shows style.

Men’s and women’s s3 rated boots are represented by a wide range of models. On the site, you can buy inexpensive s3 trainers, sneakers, safety shoe crosstwist mid s3 hro src, low shoes, and trojan apollo s3 safety boots of various types. All work shoes s3 are made from quality materials. For example, the top is usually made of leather.

In the catalog, there are also crosstwist shoes s3 for work on the street or indoors. Safety s3 shoes with additional protection are widely represented. They are hro safety shoes with a metal toe. It reliably protects the feet from impacts, for example, when heavy objects fall.

In our online store, you can see a huge collection of safety shoes s3 manufacturers. Here, you can order high-quality bestboy safety shoes as well as women’s s3 safety boots at a bargain price.

Styler 111 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C111 S3
Standard: EN 345:2011 S3
Standart + 162 Black S1P
Art: SE/2M162 S1P
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Standart+ 112 Black S1P
Art: SE/2M112 S1P
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S1P or S3
Styler 111 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C0111(g)/3
Standard: EN 345:2011 S3
Moon 112 White
Art: M(wh)/2C0112/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Moon 162 White
Art: M(wh)/2C0162/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Planet 217 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C217(g)/3
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Planet 217 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C217(g)/3
Standard: 20345:2011 S3 SRC
Planet 265 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C265(g)/3
Standard: 20345:2011 S3 SRC
Planet 265 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C265(g)/3
Standard: 20345:2011 S3 SRC
Walker 170 Grey
Art: KPU(g)/2C0170(g)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Blue
Art: KPU(blue)/2C0170(blue)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Red
Art: KPU(red)/2C0170(red)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Yellow
Art: KPU(yel)/2C0170(yel)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
AirLight 315 Yellow S1P
Art: SD/AC0315(yell) S1P
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Outdoor 318 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC0318(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Outdoor 318 Brown
Art: CH(br)/AC0318(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
AirLight 367 Yellow S1P
Art: SD/AC0367(yell) S1P
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Outdoor 368 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC0368(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Outdoor 368 Brown
Art: CH(br)/AC0368(g)/3
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S3
Standart+ 182 S1P
Art: SE/2M182 S1P
Standard: EN345 : 2011 S3
Standart+ 112 Black S3
Art: SE/2M112 S3
Standart+ 162 Black S3
Art: SE/2M162 S3
Standart+ 182 S3
Art: SE/2M182 S3
AirLight 315 Blue S3
Art: SD/AC0315(blue) S3
AirLight 367 Blue S3
Art: SD/AC0367(blue) S3
Tornado 133 Black
Art: SE/2C133(g)/3
Tornado 171 Black
Art: SE/2C171(g)/3
Styler 163 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C0163(g)/3
Styler 163 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C0163 S3
Elegance 331 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC331(b)/3
Elegance 360 Black
Art: CH(bl)/AC360(b)/3
Moon Orion White
Art: BA(white)6224c
Prime 575 Black
Art: BD-SP/2M0575(g)/3
Prime 545 Black
Art: BD-SP/2M0545(g)/3
AirFlex Pro 7434 Blue
Art: T(blue)b7434(we)c2/3-21 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Green
Art: T(green)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Red
Art: T(red)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Blue
Art: T(blue)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex Breath 825 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0825(yel)-2
AirFlex Breath 826 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0826(yel)/3-2
AirFlex boots 7401 Blue
Art: Т(blue)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex boots 7401 Green
Art: Т(green)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
Antistatic 2295 Gray
Art: M(bl)/2C2295(gray)/3
Light 2277 Black
Art: GH(bl)/2C2277-1
AirFlex Breath 800 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0800(yel)/3-2
Styler 284 Brown
Jacquard 777 Blue
Art: T(blue)/2C777(blue)