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Medical Safety Shoes

Wearing medical grade footwear (MGF) for doctors may protect them from some of the typical problems they face during work day are back troubles and foot pain.

Medical safety shoes are the best choice as well if you are a nurse or healthcare worker. The shoes are able to provide good support and comfort to boost your feeling. Long hours working, the fast pace in the hospital (doctors have to move and run during work day) – these activities can be a reason their feet and legs hurt if they do not have safe and comfortable footwear. Therefore, doctor’s shoes should be durable, comfortable and sturdy.

Main features of medical safety boots

  • Good medical safety shoes are:
  • having a deeper than usual toe-box (it is necessary to accommodate maligned / clawed digits);
  • to avoid (minimise) skin breakdown or irritation, the shoes must have a seam free upper (relevant for men (for women);
  • having cushioning, stability proprioception;
  • a non-slip sole is a key the MGF characteristic;
  • stain-resistant and sharp-resistant;
  • high-quality materials;
  • posture support, arch support;
  • prevention from the health problems medical professionals suffer (for example, lower back pain), etc.

Medical grade footwear may be custom made or off-the shelf shoes. The first option is especially beneficial in the presence of asymmetric feet. Also, properly fitting medical grade footwear prevents falls.

What shoes should healthcare workers wear?

The right work shoes medical are a must if your profession involves standing for hours in the operating room (or ER), running alongside a gurney, or squatting often during the day. You must understand that being on your feet all day is a lot of stress for your lower extremities. So, having unsupportive men’s shoes (or women’s ones) you risk getting joint pain, exacerbate plantar fasciitis, and other uncomfortable issues. That is why you should purchase the best shoes for doctors.

Today there are lots of work healthcare shoes for those who stand all day. The work shoes must have non-slip grip for dashing between patients and cushioning in order to support nurses who are up on their feet all day.

Footwear for medical workers should be:

  • non-slip;
  • slip-resistant;
  • water-resistant repealing all types of liquids;
  • having a good amount of cushioning;
  • breathable;
  • having a roomy enough toe box;
  • sharps resistant (healthcare worker’s feet are extremely vulnerable to needles and other sharp objects);
  • durable enough;
  • easy enough to clean;
  • stain-resistant, etc.

Our TALAN online store offers high-quality shoes for secure of medical (not only) workers. Our production matches the national and Europe Standard and has relevant certificates. Our shoes are made of breathable materials and natural leather, allowing you to enjoy safety shoes during your working hours.

What are good shoes for doctors?

Probably, every doctor realises how much stress and pain their feet go through on a daily basis. This is the main reason why you need to find the best medical safety shoes. The shoes must be appropriate the employee’s job requirements. Doctor’s shoes should have the following key qualities to protect against aches and sores:

  • comfortable insoles. The best choice is shoes that have removable insoles. It is important because the insoles will wear away, and you can simply replace them instead of having to replace the entire shoe;
  • water-resistant. It will help you protect your feet from getting wet. You can also clean your medical working shoes without waiting for them to dry properly. Look at the labels to find out if shoes are waterproof;
  • durable. We recommend choosing shoes made from high-quality materials because work shoes go through a lot of mileage. If you replace them every couple of months, it will be expensive;
  • lightweight. This way you will able to reduce the amount of stress on your ankles and feet;
  • slip-resistant, sharp-resistant. These are perhaps the most important features to have in your work shoes. Effective grip significantly reduces the possibility of a trip or fall at work. Sharp-resistant eliminates the possibility of damage to the feet.

What shoes are allowed for nurses?

Any footwear must have a closed-toe, slip-resistant soles and good support. It is forbidden to wear shoes with open heels in patient care areas, during transfers, housekeeping activities, etc. No bare ankles are allowed; footwear must be worn with hosiery. Traditionally nurses must wear white shoes. It shows a sanitary, professional, uniform appearance.

In some cases CROC (both with and without perforations in the shoe) because there is a risk factor for falls and trips. Shoes with an excessive high heel of 2 inches or higher are not allowed to. The use of disposable footwear covers is required in the surgery area.

If you are looking for quality safety shoes, check out our catalog. There you will find a wide range of shoes at low prices. Contact us to place an order or leave a request on the site. If you have any questions, our managers will answer them and help you choose the most suitable shoes.

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