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Sport Safety Shoes

Employees in many companies need special footwear for their professional activities. They help to avoid foot injuries and to achieve efficient work results. By choosing the right work safety shoes, you will protect yourself against bruises and fatigue.

Sport safety footwear – additional information

The foot acts as a shock absorber in the human body. It is the foot that carries the brunt of the load during movement. Your entire weight is put on top of the foot. So you need to work in the best safety shoes that fit your feet.

When shopping for work safety shoes, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Comfort. Production is constantly improving. New materials are created that are lighter, more comfortable, and more useful. For moving work, similar sport terrain safety shoes are used, but with a thicker sole that should be soft and taper towards the front. The trainers for the warmer season should be lightweight, breathable and with a thin sole.
  • Versatility. Nowadays, almost all models for work look like normal trainers, i.e. safety shoes sport style unisex. They are comfortable for both men and women to walk in. Durable shoes steel toe protect your foot from falling objects or squeezing.
  • Stylish look. The manufacturers keep an eye on fashion trends, constantly improving and redesigning the safety shoes for work fashion. Women’s models usually have more colorful inserts, drawings, or pictures. No one is so surprised by men’s safety shoes, which are made in more restrained colors.
  • Safety. The toe and heel of the shoe are reinforced to protect the foot from injury. Durable cushioned soles, laces and velcro keep the shoe from slipping off the foot. Additional inserts in the sole area protect the foot from damage during long transitions.
  • Special Details. Yellow marking with ESD means the shoe has a special outsole with protection. This construction allows the static electricity stored in the body to be discharged. This is why ESD sport shoes are always anti-static.
  • Easy care. Shoes made of modern material are produced in accordance with the Eco Friendly environmental standard. They are easier to clean and wash. They also protect against moisture. Conversely, they keep out the air in summer and dry quickly after rain.

Talan trainers, boots and other safety shoes help you to move effortlessly and achieve efficient work results. They are compatible with many items of modern workwear. This is why companies are more than happy to purchase them for their employees.

What are safety footwear technologies?

Talan uses the latest methods and materials in the production of safety trainers. Technology is constantly changing for the better, which affects the quality of products and has a positive effect on the health of workers’ feet. The protective effect is achieved by using special underfoot inserts made of durable materials such as steel or composite material in the manufacture of shoes safety. These inserts allow the toes to move freely inside the shoe. So safety shoes steel toe do not chafe the skin and do not squeeze the toes.

Construction of safety footwear

The Talan safety shoes provide a maximum level of comfort. The construction protects the feet from injuries, e.g. foot crush, or ankle fracture. Let’s take a look at the individual components that make up Talan safety shoes:

  • The upper. In addition to classic leather, the revolutionary HT PET material is used in production. Its durability is up to 1 million cycles, while the strongest fabric has an average abrasion resistance of 51,000 cycles. MICRO1949 is used in the toe and heel area of the shoe. It provides superior wear resistance as well as an attractive appearance.
  • The toe shoe inserts. Different materials are used depending on the purpose of the product. The spacious women’s steel toe shoes provides a loose footbed. Thanks to the small thickness of the steel insert, it takes up less space inside the construction. The lightweight men’s composite toe shoes use the new generation of durable Toe Cover material.
  • Outsole. The new state-of-the-art Grip control technology offers an optimum combination of safety and comfort. Lightness, combined with excellent cushioning, lasts a long time even with active use of Talan shoes. The polyurethane intermediate layer has anti-static additives, while the cushioning properties dampen the energy of heavy-duty use. The running layer is a special TPU composition, which also has antistatic properties.

Thanks to a special formulation, the chemical composition of the materials, and the use of modern technology, safety shoes for men and for women by the Talan brand are breathable, slip-resistant, and water-resistant. You’ll feel confident and comfortable in them in every situation.

Ergonomics of sport safety footwear

Fashion shoes steel toe made of lightweight material and with a stiff heel are optimal for work. Talan’s designers have achieved a flexible and perfectly balanced sole that has a direct bearing on the weight of the shoe as a whole. The front part of the sole is divided into flex zones to facilitate movement. The heel section has an optimum surface contact area that provides better balance in static position or on the move.
The weight requirements for footwear are significant because in many professions every extra gram of shoe affects the well-being of workers. Talan women’s and men’s safety toe shoes are not only lightweight, but also fashionable, durable, and environmentally friendly. For added safety, they feature reflective inserts that save you from injury at night. The colour of the inserts matches the overall colour scheme of the shoe.

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Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Blue
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Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Red
Art: KPU(red)/2C0170(red)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Walker 170 Yellow
Art: KPU(yel)/2C0170(yel)
Standard: EN 20345:2011 S1P
Styler 163 Brown
Art: CH(br)/2C0163 S3
AirFlex Pro 7434 Blue
Art: T(blue)b7434(we)c2/3-21 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Green
Art: T(green)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Red
Art: T(red)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex 7431 Blue
Art: T(blue)B7431c2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex Breath 825 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0825(yel)-2
AirFlex Breath 826 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0826(yel)/3-2
AirFlex boots 7401 Blue
Art: Т(blue)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
AirFlex boots 7401 Green
Art: Т(green)B7401C2/3-2 ESD
Antistatic 2295 Gray
Art: M(bl)/2C2295(gray)/3
AirFlex Breath 800 Yellow
Art: M(bl)/2C0800(yel)/3-2
Jacquard 777 Blue
Art: T(blue)/2C777(blue)